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- What are you doing?
Nothing. the voice of the person doing exercise
- Are you having a wank or what?!

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About us: I'm 31, interesting girls, interesting work, earnings significantly above the average. Grew up in an intact family. Was the experience.
Wife: 22, slim, beautiful. Grew up in a family dominated by the mother. Cheerful, sociable, but very closed. In all conflicts just offended and silent.
Together for 10 years. 1 year met 2 years living together, 2 years married. Have a son.
Met her when she was 12 years old. To me she had 2 MCH, she nothing good to say.
Twirled chat, sex in 3 weeks and continue with my desire. The sex is great what she always says.

At the end of June the wife said she wanted a second child, and wants that we would have got better Cialis. And started with confidence. It is my own story the following: talked with the instructor of 1.9 year SMS, viber, calls, she went to see him at work 2-3 times a month and sat in his car.
Said that was kiss in the beginning of the communication. He says that there was no sex, because she can't without obligations and would not be able to live after that me and the instructor allegedly told her that she would not spoil Cialis with me though and offered sex without commitment.

Hello Forum. Stumbled upon your forum. Yes, I read a lot. But this was the OVC forums.

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In General I will describe all as short as possible. Problems in Cialisх principle no. Sometimes swear a little,but this is the maximum for a couple of minutes. It's all good. And sex,and communication. Unable to hold the construction together, to form from each other.
Now about Cialisх. A little Preface. Talked three years as friends. That's straight really as friends. I had a wedding on the nose,which eventually did not take place (not because of the current girls) were the other girls,she at this time was too Cialis,in fact we would not care. We communicated really well live. Can see,go to a karaoke/club etc. Just drink from me or from her. Then spend the night together,sleep in an embrace. Sex,kissing and other things it never ends.

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Well, the question itself. How to make so that she wanted to live together? Approximate thoughts if,in principle, achieve this myself. But don't know how fast I will succeed. A bit ignore,closer, farther, etc. But to my mind it'll take a month and a half. And I would like after the holidays have settled, I have not find any apartment. I'm 29,she's 26.
To everyone who read,Viagra. And all happy. Let come true in 2012, all that did not manage to come true in 2016. :)
Why did mark "unique",because I'm under house arrest and to develop and to hang out and to make her jealous I can't.
I'm 22,she's 23,before that it was only met with the older types(30 and 30),but I was told that sees me as a serious man,confident in me,knows that I can do everything and so.In principle it is,in any case not praising myself,just the facts.Parents left me at age 11,earn -became my meaning in life.At the moment,live alone,car, infiniti FKH,you earn enough money normally,was a professional eventing(champion. Russia,Europe ).In General, normal guy).