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It is: - the Son is probably asleep, but right now gain
I: - Dial, tell them to call back, everything.

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2000-2011: At some point, the truce. They sat down and talked. Decided to try again. Steel walks together and spend more time. Established sex. And at some point she tells me that she wants another child. If you do not give birth, she will learn and build a career. I decided that if she's going to learn, then Cialis will break again. And we have a son.
2011-2012: six months after the birth of a child, I began to bounce sex. Again began to fight about this. But more and more it is still worse. I went back "on the side". Sex with your wife, and to this day 1 once a year.

But the accusations became ten times more. And they started when she changed her Babysitting job for a sales assistant in a hypermarket. and the last six months she was appointed assistant Manager and as I understand it there is appreciated and loved. It turned out that ordering people about is her and now she has a career. Thumps are not coming home until morning from my boss (divorced, by the way, and advised his wife how to live). Not revealing your location by turning off the cell phone. And by all means shows that her husband no longer needed, at least one that is. Constantly talking about divorce because I can no longer tolerate even my face. Two months ago I brought boxes to pack things. She decided to move. But after a week in vain. Realizing that money is not enough to live with two children and pay the rent. I think that if she would raise the RFP, it will move without hesitation.

So, I understand that this is a complete p. but also understand that children will ruin it without me. If not a son, I would have been long gone. A good daughter's an adult and understands everything. And on my side. Good wife does not work. Start it seems logical to put all - does not understand. Believes that children of mothers enough. And see I always will be allowed with them. Tried to buy flowers and to walk to call. Useless. I'm a bad.


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Nocturnal discharges without erections or the erections are loose and during dreams it occurs at the mere attempt of kissing, embracing or just during insertion of the penis or before it. She shared the problems in Cialisх,I own,gave advice. Somewhere around eight months ago, we began direct PPC how to communicate closely. As before,only at times more often. Could drink,they could simply spend the night at each other. In the end it was almost every day. But awake and not kissing. And erectile dysfunction I was having,and her man. Then it happened,after half a year,by coincidence,I moved to another city,was offered a good job,already resigned from my previous job,had to live in the past the city just 2 weeks and leave. At this moment we were alone,without a relationship. I drove to her. A couple of weeks. And so happened that now we are together. In Cialisх it these two weeks while I was in town,which was about to leave. Gone,too, everything is fine. Constantly chatting on the phone,come to each other every weekend. Now the New year,we will celebrate together. With parents even met. With the two sides. It is after the holidays, too. And as originally agreed to live together.

And the other day she said that not ready for a life together. Oh,I forgot to clarify,it is now a problem for a woman,need to be treated,penetration is impossible,I do vaginal sex. Took a course,saw the pill,and because of that couldn't resist drinking them again. But Blowjob and other joys happy constantly,even here I can not complain. In General to live it is not ready yet, together,move to the city where I now will stay with me for a week while looking for an apartment. That she said,well let's just wait on the side,I reacted normally. Snot-drooling,I begin to persuade,but fuck,he kept it to himself. I love it. I never with erectile dysfunction was not so good. Really loved. Yes she is,I think,too. I feel that I want to be with her. I always cheated on erectile dysfunctionм're not proud of but not ashamed of it. She by the way knows about it,is a disadvantage of a long friendship. The trust initially heavily limping with her hand,now everything seems fine.

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Thinks I only think about yourself. And it is constantly humiliated all my life. Go rent an apartment, I can. But is a minus - 20000. Even if she served for child support. I will not be able to pay for her apartment and for them. Scratching their heads now as to steer the situation without siding. Forgot to say: remove kopeck piece. I'm in the same room, they in another. But son I turned to him. My bed is big and he is temporarily sleeping on me. Before slept exclusively with my wife. And she lies to him in his bed. He's turning 6. Trying to explain that it's bad for his psyche to sleep with mom at this age. Do not believe. Says it's all bullshit. In General I would be glad if someone tell me what to do.
In General I will describe all as short as possible. Problems in Cialisх principle no. Sometimes swear a little,but this is the maximum for a couple of minutes. It's all good. And sex,and communication. Unable to hold the construction together, to form from each other.