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It is: - the Son is probably asleep, but right now gain
I: - Dial, tell them to call back, everything.

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2Called a FRIEND, told to dress, soon to come. Stopped and we went to smoke Shisha.
In the resurrection has met with friends of the family, they said the wife and child came to them on Saturday evening, they Say it is like glass. In front of her some sort of wall. What the family and me she doesn't want to talk.

On weekdays I ride to the shops, napokupali yourself clothes, perfume, etc.
Wednesday called in the magistrate's court, they said that any statement from such names no fiction.

Saturday 10.12.16 I called my wife, it was busy, but immediately called back:
- Hey, what called.
Hey, I wanted to get my son to walk. 9 hours will be taken, 1 will bring.
- I'm at work and son is at my mom's.
I'll call the mother-in-law
Next, call his mother, she doesn't. 9 minutes later I call again, do not take, Call in 10 min takes.
Gain back wife busy. Immediately call:
Me: is Your mom not picking up with me, take you can take with you

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From that moment exactly a month, I was freaking out, the day after that we talked until late. Every time I hear that I do not want to live with me that she had no one. I tried the same as that to explain something. that we should Giti to love each other.
But the 29th she again carport at work.(vendors, gave all its customers a bowling alley). On arrival with corporate, as promised at 21.00, she was sober, but without sentiment. I asked already in bed, what happened. To which she replied: "Tomorrow, pack your stuff and move". I too freaked out, went into the kitchen, poured a glass of whiskey. Took a SIP and returned to her. Said get up we need to talk.

Again, I was freaking out, crying, explains. Well, then I don't remember much. I covered with two glasses of whiskey. I don't remember. Waking up in the morning, I with the good came up to her and said, "get up, sunshine." She got up and said, "pack your things while I take the child to the mother, will be back will help to collect". When they assembled, I went out to the child, wanted to hold him, he burst into tears. In General, they were gone. She returned without the baby 20 minutes later. And immediately began to collect things. I asked, "how's the son?", she said, "I went to Granny's and immediately said that Dad was screaming at Mom in the night." (but odd I can't believe I screamed). In General, when collecting things, I was nervous, distracted, said she was a Bitch and she went NAH.

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When I loaded all my stuff in the car, I offered to drive her to Tiffany's. Sat down and went. I can't recall what I said, but did not swear. On reaching the porch of her parents she wanted to kiss me, I'm just saying that she was

The evening of the same day I called her friend, my friend(she's just for me, until a FRIEND). We met, sat in a cafe. Then I got his friend, took a bottle of whiskey and moved to him.

The weekend passed, I didn't call. On weekdays after work delayed. In the end, the 30th of I wrote her a letter that perejivay how this happens. Apologized for saying those things.
1st I went to the hospital, I was sure that she was there that she was coming. But no.